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Voluntary Executive Team

Voluntary Executive Team

We are working with colleagues on a project funded by the Department of Health and Social Care to look at how the VCS section can work more closely with the NHS.

This work, which is based in Lincolnshire but one of eight national pilots, is focussing on the following themes:

How to co collectively promote, support and develop the voice/s and identity of the third sector and its various networks, within the broader Lincolnshire health and care system.

How to participate, at a strategic level, and facilitate meaningful dialogue between system/sector and the VCS to support, inform and influence system intentions.

How to enable the VCS sector to operate in a strategic way with health and care.

How to provide a platform/ route/forum for coordination/collective approach/coproduction amongst the VCS sector.

How to build cross-sector relationships that help to develop a positive environment.

How to support and enable the integration of health, care and support.