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Business Leadership

Leadership Development

How do you measure the impact of a leadership development programme for company and charity CEOs?

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Greater Lincolnshire’s Digital Landscape

Greater Lincolnshire Digital Landscape



This report was commissioned by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Business Growth Hub. It compares the distribution of digital businesses in Lincolnshire to other key areas in the UK. It was developed jointly with Liz Price at the University of Lincoln.

visitor economy

Visitor Economy

We are supporting a destination management organisation to meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors in an integrated and long-term way.

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Am I rural

Am I rural?

Rural is a spectrum of places (from coast to countryside) rather than binary (urban versus rural)…

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Investment-led Growth

Investment Funding 1







We have prepared a funding bid to help improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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