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National Centre for Rural Health and Care

National Centre for Rural Health and Care



This is the Business Plan for the National Centre for Rural Health and Care. This exciting initiative has led to the formation of a CIC dedicated to working across the UK to address rural health inequalities. The project is coordinated by Rose Regeneration.


Rural Vulnerability

We’re working with the Rural Services Network to showcase how resourceful many communities are.

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Rural policing

Rural Crime

We’ve prepared a policy briefing for the Rural Services Network on where ‘rural’ fits on crime and policing agendas.

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Rural Infrastructure

Rural Infrastructure

We are organising the Rural Services Network Annual Conference.

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Am I rural

Am I rural?

Rural is a spectrum of places (from coast to countryside) rather than binary (urban versus rural)…

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Evidence Base











We are producing a baseline for a Rural Community Council to inform their future activity.

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Sheffield’s Rural Economy

Sheffield's Rural EconomyWe were commissioned to undertake this study to give Sheffield City Council a better understanding of the rural economy.

The study arose as a key action arising from the council’s Rural Communities Strategy.

It details Sheffield’s rural economy, its characteristics, the role it plays for the city, and some of the distinctive challenges and opportunities within the city’s rural communities.

We wanted a better understanding of the potential of our rural economy to inform future policies and actions that will help it to grow in an appropriate way.