Rose Regeneration


We help Communities by bringing people together to design and implement projects; develop funding bids and business plans; and by capturing and disseminating good practice.

Farming Communities

Evidence Base

We are producing a data profile for a Rural Community Council to inform their future activity.

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corona analysis

Organisational Resilience

We are analysing data and information about the impact of COVID-19 on the Voluntary and Community Sector.

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Local Development

We are evaluating a Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) Programme.

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Drug Addiction

We are reviewing a project that supports parents who are committed to recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.

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Waste management

Community Benefit

We are evaluating a fund that recognises the service residents provide to the nation by hosting a low level waste facility.

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Sculpture Hike

Sculpture Trail

We are working with a tourism organisation, 6 communities, artists, curators and school children planning a “rural walk” through series of outdoor sculptures.  

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Rural Philanthropy

We worked with a grant-making body to look at how they could target support to rural communities.

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Community Energy

We are supporting a Local Authority to consider how it might allocate funds from renewable energy schemes.

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Ageing Better

Ageing Better

In partnership with the University of Lincoln, we are evaluating the impact of a project that seeks to improve the lives of people aged over 50.

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Neighbourhood working

Neighbourhood Working

We are supporting an initiative that aims to build the capacity of local communities so that residents are better able to self-care.

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